About Us


Founded in 2012, Reneport is an international trader and broker of physical commodities.

Reneport began its operations acting as timber agents, supplying forest products to industrial sectors in the UK. Since then, we have developed our focus to grow our presence in the biomass market. 

Our service is based on reliability, quality, and efficiency. We provide participants with timely market information to enable them to make educated decisions and we work with leading operations & logistics partners to provide added value for our clients. 

Thanks to our proactive approach, we have rapidly expanded our operations  in the premium  biomass market in Europe and in Autumn 2016 we merged with our partner Peltrade.


In parallel, We have developed a number of growing interests in the timber and waste metals sectors supporting key producers, processors and traders. In keeping with our core values, we stay adept in seeking niche trading opportunities where we can add value and develop quickly.

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